Signing up!

  • Fill out all the fields that are required.
    Signups that are not complete, will be send to the trashcan.
  • We handle all this manually and will hopefully reply within 24 hours.
  • Any discounts will be deducted and found in the reply we send to you.
  • The ticket price is higher now than last year/attempt to host this game?
    Yes, due to world economics and all other shit that have hit the fan, we sadly have to follow and increase the ticket price a bit to maintain a safe budget.
  • If you sign up for more than 1 person, then you are to collect the gamefee from all the others you have signed up, and then make the payment in full.
    We do NOT want a signup of 8 people who all pay individually and then f*ck our lists up.
  • In "Squad members", you can add the nicknames/airsoftnames of your teammates.
    If not, we will just clone your name.
  • If you  have a request of what role you want to have during the game and so on, you are to talk to your commander about, on site.
    All requests about missions and teaming up or not with other players or squads, can be dealt with on site at your HQ. (MERCS)
  • Tickets are NOT refunded unless the game is totally cancelled.
    If you can not attend to the game, you are to sell the ticket(s) on your own.
    You may use our facebook-page to announce tickets for sale.
  • By sending  your sign up and then paying the game fee, you are agreeing to the terms of the game regarding the rules and regulations.
    If you brake any of the rules or regulations, you can be ejected from the game without any refunds and never to be allowed back into our games again.
  • When checking in, you need to do so individually and be able to show ID that confirms your age of beeing 18 or older. 
    You can NOT sign in other players. ALL players are to check in first.
    Do not go anywhere else in the area unless you have checked in. (MERCS)
  • In Black Ops games, you do not check in at the safezone, just get your asses to your LZ.
  • Factions and HQ are only available in the games that have announced so.
    This information covers both Black Ops and Mercs.