Cannibal Hippies Airsoft WarTribe was born at the 1st of may, 2003.

Since then we have grown as individual players, as a team and as game hosts & crew.

Our general thought is to have fun, be safe by rules and common airsoftfellowship and also find

new experiences, adventures and friends within the hobby.

Games we host are both small and big. The small ones are mostly speedgames with a lot of action,

easy missions and a huge portion of laughter.
The bigger games, as Mercs and Mobile Infantry, still have a lot of action if you want it, otherwise you can go sneaky sneak into the woods and have your own fun.

The Black Ops-series are a milsim-oriented game where your team/squad goes head to head with every other team that has signed up.

Cannibal Hippies do NOT have any political or religious agendas.
We have one goal, and that is to have fun with our hobby, keeping it serious and safe, along with making everyone who comes to our games, feel happy and wanna come back again for another game.

For those who knows us, we might come off as strange, peculiar, crazy, f-d up and what not.
So be it. BUT. As far as that craziness goes, that is also how far we go when it comes to making sure that the rules are followed.
Warnings will be handed out if needed, and so will also the bans.
It is a sad part of the hobby, but it is needed.

The rules are there to combine safety and fun. If you dont feel like the rules apply to you,

then there perhaps are other games you can attend instead.

Be loved & feel welcome!

~ Cannibal Crew

Sponsors & partners

This game calender is for our small games, it takes about 20 seconds to register and put it on auto-login, that way you can always make speedbookings. :)

CQB = 100m/s with a 0,20g BB.

We use the fps-table of VSAF's.

No exceptions on any gun that break fps-values. Does not matter who you are.

Joulecreeping is a good reason to ban.