Game rules & Information


Basic rules

  • Read and understand the Right of public access (Allemansrätten).
  • We have a ZERO tolerance for drugs and alcohol before and during the game.
  • CREW wears yellow safety vests.
  • Always wear protective eyewear/masks.
  • The only approved deadrag is the color ORANGE. 
  • Always wear your deadrag WELL VISIBLE.
  • Some games, the red or blue armbands will indicate which team you are on.
    These are to be placed REALLY VISIBLE on the upper side of the arms/biceps. Other teamtags might be allowed, depending what game it is.
  • You always need to see what you are shooting at. This means no “blind fire” around corners.
  • Always accept a hit. If you are unsure, take the hit. Friendly fire? Take the hit. A hit on the gun is ALSO a hit.
  • If you encounter a player that has a problem with taking the hits then tell them nicely and informatively. Bad words and profanity will never reach them. Penalty-shootings are not allowed either.
  • If a situation occurs where you are not coming to an agreement, then find the next best solution in a grown up manner. If this is not workable, find a CREW-member.
  • People that choose not to follow the rules will be sent home without a refund.
  • Off-game vehicles are to be parked at marked locations and are to have a note in the front window with contact information to the owner.
    If you had room in the car going to the game for food etc, then you have room in the car going back home.

    Bring one or more garbage bags to collect everything in. The garbage bags are NOT to be left behind.

Safe Zone

  • Before entering safezone: Always remove the magazine from your gun, and empty the barrel by shooting 2-3 times into the ground.
  • No fiddling with testshooting or preparing pyrotechnical props in an unsafe manner or badly chosen place. (Like loading your gas mags next to a fire..)
  • No joking what so ever with pointing/aiming guns at each other, making "threats", tossing armed/unarmed grenades at each other, or other objects and using the word grenade, no hazzling with real knives and if fire somehow is used, like BBQ or cozy fireplace, please be careful and do not leave any fire without supervision.
  • If the safezone also is a place for players to place their tents and sleep, please consider those who are asleep and try to keep the bigger noises down.
  • If you need to test a weapon or pyro/grenade, please ask the crew where to go.
  • Do not enter areas in the safe zone where it is crew only-restrictions.



  • Always arrive with filled bottles, camelbacks and other containers to the game.
  • When you run out of water you can fill them back up at specified locations IF water is to be supplied by Crew.
    Mercs, Mobile infantry = Crew supplies water.
    Black Ops = Bring water for the whole game.


Tickets & signing up

  • If you are a single player, make a single application to the game you want to attend.
  • If you are a team or a bigger group, then make a group application to the game you want to attend.
  • When you have submitted yourself/your team, you will get a verification mail within 48 hours.
  • Read the payment information and make the payment within the given timeframe.


Weapons & FPS

We use the 2020-tabellen fps-table for maximum muzzle velocities and safety distances.

  • At small fun day and sunday games, gear, guns and what nots has no restrictions of build, magazines and looks.
    But at Mercs, Mobile Infantry, Black Ops and so on, there are a few cosmetic rules to follow.
  • Read more about the 2020-fps.table here:


Clips/mags & ammo.

Hicaps are only allowed on supportweapons in bigger games like Mercs, Mobile Infantry and Black Ops.
Otherwise it is low and midcaps only.
Unless anything else is said, you can carry as many mags you want, reload when ever you want and bring as much BB's as you want.

It is only at small fun games that hicaps are allowed for rentals, noobies or the ones who dont wanna invest in more gear than just a gun, battery, hicap and a mask. :)

Weapons & Misc

  • Sidearms as pistols, may NOT have a hicap/drum-mag. (extended mags are not consideed hicaps).
  • An MP5SD with pods, 4x20 zoomsight and hicap is not a semisniper or supportweapon.
  • Rate of fire (RoF) is to be maintained down to a 5 bb's/second, tops. No RoF-monsters please.
  • Shooting a lot at a bush or in the direction of someone, does not automatically mean that you actually hit. Unless you really see the bb's bounce of
    the enemy player, (or hear it), please do not get upset and start yelling what nots. The "I must of hit you!" is a wish from your side. Not a fact.
    The best thing is if everyone is honest with each other.


  • Tents that are brought to the game can be any shape or color as you wish, as long nothing else is specified at booking.
    Please do note that we cant always promise that your tent may fit into the terrain.
  • The inside of a tent is ALWAYS off-game, unless nothing else is specified at other rules. (HQ-tent for an example.)
  • Do NOT throw grenades at tents.
  • All off game tents will most likely be outside the game area. But if you DO find a tent in the game area, be safe and careful with grenades.



  • The usage of drones is allowed.
  • A drone is only allowed for doing recon.
  • A drone is NOT allowed to carry weapons and fire them, or transporting grenades/pyro and dropping them.
  • You are NOT allowed to shoot at a drone.


  • The Crew has a chrono for laser.
  • No laser is allowed unless it has been tested by the crew at check in.
  • If you have a permit from SSI (Swedish Radiation Institute), that verifies your lasers effect. our laser-chrono determines use of not.

Searching an enemy for props & stuff

  • If you are doing a pat down on a hostile for game-specific/in-game items, you are to put your hands on the hostile and say “I am searching you”.
    After saying that, you are to be given everything game/mission specific the hostile is carrying with, or on, him/her.


  • During night games you MUST wear a red, flashing light to indicate that you have been killed.
    If you dont have one.. you will most likely be considered a target.
  • Do NOT sabotage props unless that is meant to happen.
  • Props that are supposed to have a fixed location are NOT allowed to be moved.
  • Props that are a part of a mission are allowed to be moved according to the mission brief.



  • Spawntime may vary depending on what game it is
  • Spawning can be done at designated locations only. Or if other spawn functions are given.
  • Always wear your deadrag on your head and clearly visible.
  • Several factions may use the same spawn point at the same time.
  • You are allowed to eat, sleep, load up magazines and so on during spawn-time.


Black Ops-spawn:
Walk away about 400m or more if needed, to leave the area of battle, there you sit down for 30 minutes. After that, you are good to go.

Mercs-spawn: (Two possible solutions)
1. Spawnlocations are randomly placed out in the game area, where you can go and sit down for 20 minutes. After 20 mins, you are good to go again.

2. Go away for 400m to leave the area of battle, (or more if needed), and sit down for 20 minutes. After those 20 mins, you are ingame again.

Mobile Infantry-spawn:

Spawnlocations are randomly placed out in the game area, where you can go and sit down for 20 minutes. After 20 mins, you are good to go again.


If the spawnrule is to walk away 400m and sit down, and that area also becomes a place of battle, then you need to move again. Sorry.

Medics (main rules)

  • Depending on what game it is, the different kind of medics and healing functions will be announced.
  • Each player is to bring their own bandage (needs to be white fabric). No bandage = No healing.
  • Healing time is 1 minute. Before the two minutes starts, you have to put the bandaid onto the patient, so that it looks good.
  • If crew, game ref or trustee sees a bandaid that looks like crap, then you will be asked to go to spawn.
  • Bleed time is 5 minutes.
  • If the medic lets go with one or both hands during the 1 minute of healing, the patient needs to go to spawn immediately.
  • A medic must have a wrist watch or some other thing to measure the time with, so the 1 minute is real. NO high five or counting on your own-stuff.
  • The only way you can move an injured player is to drag or carry that person. NO holding hands and hop-a-longs.
  • The first time you are shot you wait for a medic. No medici within 5 minutes = Go to spawn.
    Second time you are shot, you still have to bleed out for 5 minutes. Then go to spawn. This applies due the chance of you carrying props that the enemyteam might
    wanna seach you for. So in short, always stay for 5 mins and bleed out.
  • As a medic, you can only heal 1 player at the time.


Black Ops

Each team or squad will have a dedicated medic who will follow the rules above.

The medic is the one who have to carry all the bandaids to use on the rest of the team, if needed.

Mobile Infantry

A number of medics will be spread out amongst the players and squads in each faction.
They are to follow the ordinary rulese above.

Pyro & grenades

  • No home made stuff or military grade grenades.
  • You must yell “GRENADE” at least 1 second before throwing.
  • Do not use pyrotechnics against vehicles, unless the pyro effect is the launcher itself, then it is allowed.
  • Grenades that has a bang of 90 decibels or more are only allowed when the game has mandatory ear protection as rule.
  • Normally it is not mandatory to wear earprotections, thats why you have to call out "GRENADE!" before throwing a grenade.
  • If you are within 5 metres from where the grenade goes off, you are hit.
  • If you are more than 5 metres away from the grenade, but it sprays bb's around and you are hit by those, you are also out.

Approved grenades:

  • Smokes (pyrotechnic / hot burn)
    -- But ONLY if the weather condition says its ok. This the crew and landowner will inform about before the game.
    -- No military graded smokes, or toxic ones.
    -- Also, please pick up the left overs from the smoke grenades if possible. :)
  • Enola Gaye EG67
  • Airsoft Innovations Cyclone Impact Grenade.

When the game has mandatory earprotection rules, these are also allowed:

  • Thunder B. (Co2 propelled.)
  • Airsoft Innovations XL Burst Banger Flashbang Grenade
  • TAGINN Tactical Game Innovation R2Bs Pyrotechnic Hand Grenades



  • Vehicles that is to be used in-game, MUST be approved by Crew first.
    This is done by you sending an e-mail with picture(pictures) of the car and wait for approval. (Send it to:

  • It is your responsibility to mark the car with a flag or something else, that shows that it is in game.
    When you apply for bringing a car to use in game, the crew will determine yes or no, depending on how the car looks. Obvious in game cars will be allowed.
    Badly painted old volvos or a subaru with camo-netting on it will not be allowed into the game.
  • The registration plate must be visible.
  • All game vehicles need to be street legal in Sweden since the roads used are not private.
  • The Top speed of a ingame vehicle is 30 km/h in the game area, no matter if it is off game or not.
    Cars that are driven too fast, will be parked away for the rest of the game. Please drive safely.
  • Vehicles that has turrets or mounted machineguns, needs to be even more careful and observing with their firefights.


Vehicle combat

  • All drivers are to be aware of their surroundings to make sure no accidents occure.
  • Do not go off road into the terrain, stay on the roads.
  • Vehicles are NOT damaged by regular BB´s from snipers, rifles, pistols and so on. See list below that follows.
  • All players riding ON or IN the vehicle can be hit in a regular manner if windows are down or doors are open, etc.
  • The windows must be either fully up, or down. No small openings where you shoot out from.
  • A hit vehicle is to be marked with a BIG deadrag and also to turn on the flashing hazard lights.
  • A live vehicle can transport hit/dead players.
  • A medic can treat hit players in the car while driving.
  • You may NOT move someone elses car without asking permission first from the driver/owner. Unless it is a emergency situation of course.
  • A dead vehicle can NOT transport live players. If a live player choose to ride a dead vehicle, your next stop is the spawn. (Auto dead.)
  • If the vehicle is hit by a AT-weapon, all of the people on it have 15 seconds to leave it, or you will all be considered hit also, (by the car exploding).
    You also need to get away from it with at least 10m. If you still are within 10m from the car, you will be considered hit.
  • Players considered hit from a car explosion can be healed.
  • Vehicles spawn after 30 minutes at given locations
  • Pyrotechnical grenades that are used towards vehicles, must be carefully considered and used with caution. Tossed next to the car is ok.
    Other grenades that are air/Co2/gas-propelled can be used with some sort of a caution and good thoughts.
    (For example, a gaspropelled grenade that goes "FRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPP!" and spread bb's everywhere... all good to toss into a car.

Weapon that kills vehicles

  • TAG- grenades only. NOT color or pyro. Just the blunt ones.
  • Similar projectile-weapons like LMG’s rocketlaunchers, bazookas, M203-BB-shitloads-showering-the-car, and so on.
  • Throwing a bag of BB's at a car does not count. Or pine cones. :D
  • All anti-vehicle weapons have to be shown at the check in so that we can see what you brought and approve them.

Game area

  • Again, we want to point out that you are to take all your garbage with you again. Do not leave anything in base or litter out in the woods.
  • Do no brake twigs or branches from live trees, do not leave gates open that might let animals out.
  • Do NOT block roads.
  • Do NOT leave unattended claymores and such in the terrain, there is a chance/risk of non-players coming about and getting hit.
  • Drive carefully at all times.
  • If you see/find garbage in the woods, help us clean up even better by picking it up.

Please post in the forum or email us at, if you have questions or find errors/huge problems in the rules mentioned above.

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