Mobile Infantry 7  ~  [Thunder Roads]


29th - 31st of May, 2020.

May 28th, Thursday

18.00. Check In Open! (No early arrivals please.)

24.00. Check In Closes.

May 29th, Friday

08.00. Check In Open!

11.00. Check In Closes.

11.15. PreGame meeting. Rules, information, questions.

13.00. Meeting with your commander at your own HQ in the game area.
14.00. Game On!

21.00. HQ's is off game.

May 30th, Saturday

08.00. HQ's is in game.

21.00. HQ's is off game.

May 31st, Sunday

08.00. HQ's is in game.

14.00. Game Over!

15.00. Postgame meeting. Final score, food, taking pictures & talking.
16.00. Postgame meeting ends. Go pack up and have a safe journey back home! <3

Where: Rödjenäs, Småland.


Two or more factions will fight it out in this region in order to exploit it and become thunderous!


There will not be any CQB-requirements during dark hours.
You handle safety during daylight, then you do that in the dark also.


Information about the medics will be found in the rules.


Open forums for general discussion will be available.
All main information will be found here. It is your responsibility to make sure you read up and know what is going on.

Hidden forums for each faction will open up later on, about a month before game.

Vehicles: Yes.

Limited amount of vehicles in each faction.
They MUST be approved by the crew beforehand.

This is done by sending an email to us, ( with an actual picture of the car in it.
Lazy-ass solutions with a volvo with camoweb on the roof will not be approved.

If we think your car is good to go, then we will say so. If not, deal with it.

Tickets: A total of maximum 160 tickets.

Gamefee: 450 SEK
(To be pre paid.)


// Cannibal Crew

Players list:

Team = Name of the team.
Faction = What faction you have signed up for.   

Squad    = Numbers of players.

Food  = Booked foodtickets.

Vehicles = Vehicle that is signed up.

Background & story for this scenario.

The not so well liked company of Bad Boys Inc have sendt their so called "work force" to take care of business in a small off set region where the capitol have less control of what is happening.

It is allready too late for the capitol to react when BB Inc has taken over several important industries, natural resources prospects and threatning adjacent regions also.

The capitol is allready low on soldiers and military equipment, since the old wars on the eastern front and asks the U.N. for help.

The U.N.-leadership has one of their usual long meetings which ends with them agreeing to send help.

A large force from the U.N. Law Enforcers rolls out within 36 hours. The world watches once again, as the dogs of war are let loose.

UPDATES & answers. 

Q: Do I/we have to have an in game vehicle?

A: No, not all. Also as an important note, is that even though you dont have a car. You and your team will not be forgotten.
There will be fun missions for everyone, no matter if you are moving by car or on foot.





Tickets Paid






Roughnecks & Chameleon



1 x car

$$$$$ $$$$$ $$