Collecting products from the factory.

  • In the gamearea, there will be a small factory situated.
    The workers at that factory produces items and valuables of interest, which you are to pick up as soon as they are finished and put out for delivery.
  • The products can be different kind of items and sizes.
  • The workers can not be threatened, robbed, shot or otherwise forced to do as you say.
  • Allthough, they can be interacted with, and perhaps somehow giving you a better deal, or not.
  • The products may only be transported by foot. No vehicles are allowed to carry or transport the products.
  • If you are shot while transporting items from the factory, and no one comes to your rescue or loots you,
    you are to return the product to the factory, before going to spawn.
    If someone sees you dead walking with a product, they are allowed to take it from you.
  • All products are marked with a tag that says "Mercs" on it.
  • All products are to be collected at your HQ and presented to your commander for calculation of points for the final score.

Finding & getting goldbars back to your HQ.

  • In the game area, there are goldminers who roams the region in search for gold. If or when they find some, they mostly leave it behind,
    for some unknown reason, perhaps to returning later with transport or something.
    This gives you a good opportunity to take care of this "lost" gold and get it back to your HQ.
  • The golddigger can not be shot or threatened, etc. Only interacted with, to perhaps gain favors or better deals.
  • Golddiggers can be recognized on the usual gear and clothing of such line of work.
  • The gold may only be transported by foot. No vehicles are allowed to carry or transport the gold.
  • If you are shot while transporting the gold, and no one comes to your rescue or loots you,
    you are to return the product to the factory, before going to spawn.
    If someone sees you dead walking with the gold, they are allowed to take it from you.

Locating and raiding the HQ of the enemy.

  • First of all you need to locate the enemies HQ.
    When that is done, report it to your HQ.
  • Second part of this mission is to continuesly raid it to steal items and products of value, but also to take their main flag.
  • An HQ is a medium sized fortress about 10x10m big. It has a guardtower, an HQ-tent, an antenna and two (2) gates.
  • The HQ can ONLY be raided if their is a flag up, well visible in the guard tower.
    If you do not see a flag, then you are not allowed to attack.  You back out at least 100m from the fortress.
  • If an HQ is successfully raided, it is out of play for 3 hours.
    During these 3 hours, it can not be raided, but the commanders can spawn and go back to leading troops, having meetings, etc.


  • Get into the fortress and take their flag from the guard tower. The flag is to be brought back to your own HQ and commanders.
    The flag can be taken back by the enemy if they shoot you while you are on your way back to your HQ.
  • In the fortress, outside the HQ, there will be a place where items of game value is stored.
    There is also two big dices, roll those to see how many items you are allowed to steal this time.
    A list with information of the dices and number of items that can be taken, will be available on that location.
  • The fortress is in game all the time, except during night hours, meaning that even though you have taken the flag and rolling dice to get items,
    enemies that might be returning back for some reason, or who have heard the call for help to defend, can still attack and shoot you in the fortress,
    or wait for you to try to get out.
    A possible situation here is that you might be blocked in/pinned down, inside the fortress of the enemy.
    Also meaning that as soon as the commanders spawn in their HQ, they can start shooting at you. If they choose too.

Dealing with V.I.P.s

  • During the game there will occure situations or opportunities that will put you into contact with V.I.P.s of different kind.
  • A V.I.P will be identified by a yellow armband, but will also have his or hers picture/dossier at HQ, to share amongst the troops to be able to make the identification during the game.
  • Each V.I.P. will have his or hers personal agenda, and depending on what HQ decides, the mission might start or end differently, or just suprisingly.
  • ALL V.I.P.s can be interacted with, shot, healed, disarmed if needed or given a weapon if you render the situation as such.
    The V.I.P. can also bleed out and die, beeing terminated from the game.
  • Each V.I.P. will carry a hidden gamecard that can be shown if needed to prove, what the stats and functions are.
  • A V.I.P. can be transported by car, if he/she wants to.

Locate, collect & sell Nuclear Reactor Cores.

  • A malfunctioning aircraft, transporting NRC's (nuclear reactor cores) about a month ago, had to dump the cargo to avoid crashing.
    The cores are spread out over the area and if found, can generate good fortune, great gamescore and hidden bonuses.
  • An NRC may only be transported in any way you want.
  • An NRC can after it has been delivered to the HQ and commanders, later on be sold to a dealer in the black market.
    The dealer will pay in MERCS-dollars, which will be VERY valuable for the game score.

Solving hidden coordinates in coded networks over the radio.

  • The technicians in the HQ are monitoring the networks and radiochannels.
    Every now and then they intercept intel or coded messages that may lead to opportunities to gain an upper hand of the war and adding to the game score.
  • Every time a coded message appears, the HQ will need your help to solve it, since it will contain the coordinates to where the buyers of
    the black market will meet up for making deals.
  • The dealers of the black market can not be threatened, shot or made to do anything they do not want to.
    They will buy your items and pay with MERCS-dollars. A pricelist will be available at your HQ.
  • Bring the MERCS-dollars back to your commanders at the HQ.
  • When transporting the items to a black market meeting, or MERCS-dollars back to your HQ, you can be robbed by the enemy.

HUMANS: Locate data cores and secure them until timelock opens, then retrieve the intel.
BOTS:        Locate date cores and activate self-destruct to prevent the humans from gaining the intel.

  • Old data cores can be very useful for the humans, if they get their hands on the intel of the master data, it can prove very harmful for the BOTS.
    Crew will be present on site with the game props;
    > Humans are to start the sequence for the unlocking mechanism, then secure the location until the time runs out and the intel data disk can be retrieved.
    > BOTS are to start the self-destruct sequence and secure the location until the data core has destroyed itself.

    >> If the unlocking sequence or self-destruct is initiated, the opposing force has to first neutralize this action before starting their own sequence.
          This means that there can be mulitple changes and take overs until the mission is completed.
  • This mission only ends with the sequence finishing and opening the data core, or the BOTS completing the self-destruct.
  • The data core may NOT be moved, it has to stay put in its location.
  • The crew will be on site to be of support, so that buttons and actions are all functioning. It is also the Crew who drops the intel data disk if humans
    succeds with their sequence.
    Also, instructions can be found at your HQ-tent when this mission is activated.
  • If the data core self-destructs, it is just a core meltdown. Not an explosion. So there is no radius of a kill zone for players beeing close.
  • If the intel data disc is retrieved, it has to be transported to the human commanders.
    But the BOTS can steal it from the humans and hand over to their own commander (LordToaster), where it will be destroyed.

Hack Attack on Satellites.

  • There is a small satellite dish installation in the area that has been remotely hacked by the humans.
    They are about to retrieve secret codes from the satellite network that the BOTS are using to communicate with.
    > HUMANS: Locate the satellite dish and activate the hack, when the code appears, report it in to your HQ. Then restart the hack for a new code. Repeat.
    > BOTS: Locate the satellite dish and activate the hack, but when the code appears, delete it by restarting the hack for the next code. Repeat.

  • Each code that the humans can report to their HQ, will earn them a good amount of game points.
  • Each code that the BOTS can delete/not getting reported to the human HQ, the BOTS will earn a good amount of points.
  • The satellite dish installation may NOT be moved.
  • The game prop has one (1) button ONLY. This is the one you press to start the hacking sequence.
    When the hacking sequence is done, there will be an eight digit code in the display.
    That is a secret code that the humans wants, or the BOTS wants to delete.
  • The prop only has a limited number of codes. When there are no more codes to get, the display will show: Sys Err

  • Simplified:
    Humans: Press button, wait for code to appear. Report code to your HQ. Press button and repeat.
    BOTs: Press button, wait for code to appear. Press button when code appears. Repeat.