• You are to know the rules & the swedish laws that might or will be current for this game & airsoft.

  • Bring a legal ID to the check in.

  • Keep your campsite CLEAN and TIDY.
    Bring your own trashbag, and take it all with you when leaving.

  • In Sweden, we have something called Allemansr├Ątten.
    Google it and learn it.

  • Always wear eyeprotection in the game area.

  • Remove magazine and empty barrel before entering the safe zone.
    Or use a muzzlehat. (Like the ones in paintball.)

  • Call Your Hits!

  • Use a deadrag to show that you are hit, and hold/wear it very visible.

  • During nightgame, a RED BLINKING light indicates that you are hit.
    Using coloured illuminators durigng the night for identifying teams is
    not functionable, if the colours interfers with deadrags.

  • Do not litter. Do not drop ANY trash anywhere.

  • No grenades. No pyrotechnics. No mines or boobytraps.
    The only grenade allowed in this game, is the TAG-grenade that is
    fired with a grenade launcher of some kind.

  • No lasers.
    IR-flashlight/illuminator is allowed during nightgame.

  • No FLIR, heatcams or similiar enhancers during daytime of the game.

  • No blocking of roads.

  • The patches handed to you by the CREW when checking in,
    are the ones that indicates what faction you play in.
    The patches are to be placed well visible on yourself.
    Using pockets, sleeves, hair, pouches etc do hide/cover the patches is NOT allowed.
    Players using ghillies are the only ones that are allowed to place the patches not fully visible on their uniform/gear.

  • Participating in this game is not a right, it is a privilege. If you do not comply to the rules, you will be removed from the game with proper measures and not be reimbursed economically in any way.

  • You participate knowingly about your obligations and the risks involved of an airsoftgame, and that you are responsible for your actions, behaviour and all damage done to your own gear.
    If damage is done to 2nd party or the game area itself, you will be held responsible for the eventuall costs that this might render.

  • Each player will be given a Game ID-card that are to be carried at ALL TIMES during the game, and is to be shown if asked to.
    This to prevent gamecrashers, but also to be able to identify players from situations that might occure.

In game vehicles

  • The vehicle has to be signed up in the ticket booking.
    Also, send and email with pictures of it, in current state, for approval.
    Do not send pictures and a wishlist of what you want or dream of it looking like when stuff has been added or repainted.
    Vehicles that are not approved will not be allowed to participate in the game.
    If you/your team dont want to participate in the game due to a "no" to your vehicle, so be it.

  • Maximum speed for in game vehicle is 30 km/h.

  • The vehicle must have insurance and be legal to use according to swedish laws and regulations.
    The registry-plates must be visible at all times.
    The gamearea is not shut down for airsoftplay only, non-playing people or vehicles may most likely show up in the area.

  • You are only allowed to use designated roads or paths shown on map.
    Driving any other places that has not been specifically mentioned as good to go, will end up with you getting invoices from the landowners for damage to property or crops.

  • A vehicle that is in game must have a flag on top, well visible from all directions, in the same colour as your faction.
    Size of the flag must be a minimum of 40x40 cm.


  • A vehicle that is shot at with lots of BB's from supports, rifles, carbines, M203, 40MikeMike, and so on;
    1. Stop in a safe manner at the side of the road, not blocking the passage of other vehicles that might want to pass.
    2. Make a decision of dismounting the vehicle, opening the doors or manning a possbile turret/other weapons platform.
    ...or just sit tight and hope for that the attacking force do not carry
    AT-weaponry, and wait them out.
    NOTE: The vehicle is NOT out of commission. It has only been stopped.
    3. If the attacking force leaves, and nothing else happens for a minute or two, you can continue driving and leave the scene.

  • A vehicle that is hit by a TAG-grenade is instantly destroyed, gamewise.
    1. All players riding the vehicle are to go to spawn directly.
    2. The vehicle must also be respawned.
    3. A yellow signal/traffic-vest must be hung on the flag, and is the only thing that shows that the vehicle is desotroyed and out of the game.
    During nightgame, also use the warning-blink-function, thank you.

  • You are NOT allowed to close/open a window to a small opening to use for shooting out of the car.
    Dont be a troll. Either fully open or all closed during combat.
    If you want to roll down or up while moving and there is no combat, that is allowed.

  • Turret/weapons platform.
    This installation is not out of commission or destroyed, as long as a TAG-grenade has not hit the vehicle.
    The operator of the gun can still be shot, but it is of course possible to
    replace that individual with another operator.

  • You can perform medic-stuff/healing within the vehicle.

  • Do not climb up on top of vehicles that you are attacking, unless the owner/driver says it is ok, for some reason.

  • When attacking/defending from a vehicle, be extra alert and pay good attention to what is going on and what is happening.
    This to prevent overshooting, missing the people who calls out their hits, people who calls out information about TAG-hits, asking for help or just pointing out good things to show nice sportsmanship.

  • If there are any problems, questions or uncertainties about a situation, stop the game on that site and talk it through in a good manner and solve the problem, also you can call for crew to arrive if the problem seems to be to hard to fix.

  • A vehicle that is destroyed, may NOT transport players that is alive.
    If so, the players will automatically be considered dead. Go to spawn.
    A vehicle that is in game, may transport dead players, but the dead players must be aware of the risk of getting shot at as the vehicle is considered at target.
    Wear your deadrags always and very visible.

  • If a vehicle is hit by a TAG-grenade, and uncertainty about the hit is confusing the driver or other players, remember;
    It is only a game, and you are all here to have fun. Mistakes happens.
    Talk it out, point it out, stay frosty and be the best airsofter. :)

Medics / Mechanics & spawn

  • Players of the human faction:
    > Bring a bandaid or your own. No bandaid = No healing.
    > All human players can heal each other.
    > Healing takes 2 minutes after that you have applied the bandaid on your     teammate.

  • When healing you are to place both hands on the teammate.
    > If you let go with one or both hands, the teammate dies. Off to spawn.
    > You can be shot while healing someone.
    > Using someone who is shot as a shield is not a nice idea.
    > You can only heal one teammate at the time.

  • You can move a teammate to a secure location to heal at.
    > To move a teammate you MUST drag och carry him/her.
       No holding hands and walking on your own if hit.
    > Bleedtime is 5 minutes.
       You do NOT have to stay and bleed out.
       Off to spawn instantly if you want to.

  • The bandaid stays on until you are hit a second time. Then off to spawn.
    Bandaids that are removed, you put back into your pocket again.
    Dont forget.

  • When dead walking or bleeding and waiting for healing, you are not to talk
    or speak of anything else than calling for a medic.
    Calling for a medic on radio is allowed.
    Nice comments of good gameplay or such, is of course allowed, if it fits
    the situation.

  • Players of the BOTS faction:
    > BOTS will have dedicated mechanics that can repair you if shot and you       are leaking.
       The mechanics will be given an item (big bolt) to carry with them, by the
    > All BOT players will be given two items when checking in (big nuts),
       to bring along during the game. If you loose it, you can not be repaired.     Off to spawn instantly after getting hit.
    > There will be a very low and limited role of MasterMechanics, who are
       the only ones who are allowed to load up nuts from the box at your HQ,
       to bring out into the game area, and giving it to players who have               spawned but not been by the HQ to refill for two new ones.

  • When a mechanic reaches you, he/she is to sit down next to you, get your nut and screw it all the way to the bottom of the bolt.
    > When done, you are repaired and back in game.
    > The mechanic keeps the nut on the bolt.
    > BOT players can be repaired two times, once for each nut.
    > You can NOT be given a nut after you have been shot and waiting for a       mechanic, to use for repair.
    > You can not share your nuts with other players.

  • When the bolt of a mechanic is full, he/she cannot repair any more teammates.
    > The bolt has be taken to the commanders at HQ and emptied there.
    > The commander keeps the nuts in a box so that either players who are
       all out can get two new ones when passing by for briefing or updates,
       or that a MasterMechanic grabs them for later distribution.

  • SPAWN: ALL PLAYERS of both factions will back out 500 m towards your own HQ (or behind) to find a calm place and sit down for 30 minutes.
    Then you will be back in the game.
    > Keep your deadrag well visible at all times when sitting down and
       waiting to respawn.
    > If you see a group of players that seems to be spawning, please find
       another way to your target location, so that their spawn is not interfered
    > If your spawn location is compromized by active players and mission           events, please relocate if needed, so that the game is not disturbed.
       If relocating due to reason above, your spawntime is NOT reseted, just
       continue your countdown when at new location.

Radios & channels

  • The list of channels that have been distributed, can be found in the document linked here. (RADIOLIST)

  • Each faction will have one channel for HQ, and the rest is to share amongst the groups, teams and squads.

  • You are not allowed to listen in on other faction's channels, or to jam their channels.

  • The Commanders at HQ are the ones that decides what channels goes where and to whom.

Weapons, BBs & FPS-table

  • All soft air guns are allowed, depending on some restrictions, stated later in this text.

  • Semi- and snipers are not allowed to have any other action functions on their triggers than one (1) BB per triggeraction.
    Also, you are not allowed to fire your next shot until you see the previous BB hit or miss and go dead in the terrain.

  • It is only players with sniperrifles that are allowed to wear full ghillies and act as that role.

  • Supportweapons are allowed to use full auto, but with good sportsmanship, commons sense and safety thinking.
    Meaning, do not overshoot targets and make sure you see what you shoot at and when to stop shooting.
    Players who can not control this function and role, will be removed from game and given the option to re-enter the game with another weapon, like a nerf or similiar.

  • All other pistols, rifles and carbines are allowed semi fire only.
    And no twiggle-fingers or trigger-functions that increases RoF or number of BB's fired when pulling trigger one time.
    The nerf-weapon option for beeing able to play the game nicely, is of course available here too.

  • You are to use biodegradeable BB's ONLY.
    Colour doesnt matter. As long as they are biodegradable.

  • We use the "2020-tabell" for grading guns and their categories regarding safety distances.
    Here is a link to their homepage for more info:

    And this is the FPS-table we are using, based on the

  • During the night hours, ONLY weapons categorized as CQB 1 will be allowed.
    This goes for all models that qualifies as CQB 1.
  • An m4 with a boxmag or hicap is NOT a supportweapon.
    An MP5 with bipods and a scope is NOT a sniperrifle.
    Do not try to troll the rules, there will be no discussion. Just you going home.