MERCS Tickets



450 SEK

Food ticket - Friday (100 SEK)
Food ticket - Saturday (100 SEK)
Food ticket - Sunday (100 SEK)
No thank you.


Signing up is binding.

Refund is only an option if the game is cancelled. Not if you cant go.


We do not provide any tents.

But if needed, we can put you into contact with someone you can

rent military tents from.

Food tickets

If you sign up more participants than yourself and choose food in all 3 boxes,

you are ordering food for ALL the players in your sign up.

If not, put who wants what in the message-box at the bottom.

Ingame vehicles must be approved by the crew.

Please send an email to with some pictures

of it so we know what you want to bring.

We do not accept clowncars or flushed Volvos, etc.

Also, all games do not allow vehicles. Read up before you sign up.

Your nickname

Please write the same nickname you have at our forum.

If you have not registered yet, please do so.

Do so with the same nickname as in your sign up.

If you have signed up allready, and have no account at our forum.

Then ALSO use the same nickname, with - Teamname

at the end.

Example: Player - Team   or    Warrior - Green Bastards

Your teamname!

Do not give captions as a teamname. Spell it out please.

If your teamname is DeltaForce 69, then write that.

Do not write DF69.


Please be ready for the game in good time with beeing familiar with the

rules and setup for the game.

Done make your own rules up, dont be an a-hole in the field and play

to have fun.

Please read ALL info in the reply you get, so that you see how to

pay your gamefee.

Also be aware of the bankfees and so on, so that the amount that reaches

our account is the correct one, so that we dont have to pay for your transactions.

See our forum for more and complete information.

We answer your sign-ups manually, which means it can take up to 2 day

for us to reply. Please have patience.

Sign up your WHOLE team as a group, please do not

sign up an 8 people team 1 by 1.

We do not keep an open playerlist, if you want to play with a certain team or group of people, please talk to THEM about where they have signed up.