Special rules for this game: MERCS 16

Mechas (medics for BOTS)

There will be 1 mecha for every 10 BOT-players.

A mecha is the only one who can repair (heal) another BOT.

Leaktime (bleedtime) for a BOT is 5 minutes, which the player ALWAYS has to stay and wait out.

If a mecha reaches you while you are leaking, that player will use a repairkit (nut and bolt) to fix you up.
This is done by twirling a nut all the way off and then back down to the bottom of the bolt.

A BOT-player can be fixed unlimited as long as leaktime do not expire.

You are NOT allowed to spray the bolt with siliconspray.

You do NOT bring your own repair kits for mechas, we will provide this for you.

The Medicfunction

All human players are to bring a bandaid to the game. (No broken t-shirts, ripped panties, old towels, etc.)
Real bandaids are ok, white sheets that has been sewn properly and looks nice is also ok. No semi-stringy and broken/hobo-looking stuff.
If uncertain, ask in safezone when you check in. If found in the game while wearing a craptastic bandaid = Go get a good one and do not enter the game again until that is fixed. (There is a possibility that we might be able to get bandaids/good-looking copies and sell in safezone.)

All human players can heal eachother as long as there are bandaids involved.
If a player does not have a bandaid, that player can not be healed.

Bleedtime is 5 minutes.
Healing takes 1 minute, the one that heals you must place both hands on you and not let go. If the healer removes one or both hands during the treatment, you go to spawn.

You can only be healed ONCE. Second hit means you need to go to spawn.