MERCS 20 - "Future past yesterday"

Timeframe:                 26-28 May, 2023.

Area of operations:   Hylta, Skåne, Sweden. (See location here.)

Gamefee:                    995 SEK

Gametime:                   48 h

Factions:                      2 : Humans vs Bots

Tickets:                        200. (78 sold.)

HQ & commanders:  Dedicated basecamps with HQ and fulltime commanders.


Thursday 25th.     Checking in: 15.00 - 23.00.
Friday 26th.           Checking in: 07.00 - 09.30. Main assembly: 10.00-10.30.

                                Team meeting at HQ: 10.45 - 11.45. Game on: 12.00.

Saturday 27th.       Game continues 24/7.

Sunday 28th.         Game over: 12.00. Food is served in safezone at 13.00.


Several ongoing 24/7, along with temporary ones.
Both stationary and mobile. Lots of them.
Some known, others secret surprises and bonus based.

Vehicles:                     Not allowed. (Only exception are ordinary bicycles.)

Grenades:                   Pyrotechnical not allowed. Other types are ok. See rules.

Thermals/heats:      Not allowed.

Laser:                           Not allowed. (IR is excepted. See rules.)

Drones:                        Allowed for recon only. NO weapon platforms what so ever.

Logistics & General other misc stuff.

  • Limited space for parkin. Carpool as mush as possible, please.
  • Campingsite for tents are favoured. Trailers, caravans, etc. will be secondary.
    Logistics has been limited.
  • Water will be found in your off game bases.
  • Power outlets for charging batteries can be found in the safezone.
  • Toilets will be portapottys placed in your off game bases.
  • Off base camp will be somewhat close to HQ and parking areas.
  • HQ will be a fortified position that can be raided for items and points.
  • The HQ will be fitted with a reinforced radioantenna for better coms to all players.
  • Scrolling down will give you the rules, special rules, FPS-table, players list and missions.
  • No arrivals before 15.00 on thursday. Check in before you go anywhere else.


  • Drive safely to and from the game area.
  • Read up on "Allemansrätten" and know how to behave in our nature.
  • Do NOT leave any garbage or trash, anywhere. Everything you brought to the game, you will bring back home.

Safety & gameplay

  • Call your hits.
  • Always wear your eyeprotection when in or close to the game area.
  • Read up on all the rules and follow them during the game.
  • NO drugs or alcohol are allowed during the game.
  • Solve issues or questions directly in the game, instead of walking away and whine to everyone you meet. Or call for the crew.
  • Avoid usuing other players who are waving their deadrags, as cover.


  • No homemade crap that are dangerous and unsafe.
  • Use the correct clips/mags for your guns.
  • No McGyver-builds. (Mp5k with drum-mag and pods, is NOT a supportweapon.)
  • No binary triggers or similiar settings on mosfets or other chips that flushes out BB's in insane and unncessery RoF.
  • Semi only on all guns, except supportgunners.
  • During nightgame, only weapons of the CQB-class are allowed and with semi fire only.
  • No hicaps unless its a boxmag on a supportweapon.


  • Only bio-bb's are allowed. Colour doesnt matter.
  • During nightgame, you must have a tracer unit on your guns and have a minimum mix of 50/50 in your clips/mags
    with tracer BB's.
    A flashlight or other solutions are not allowed. No tracer = No play during nighttime.


  • No vehicles allowed in the game. (Cars, trucks, motorcycles.)
  • Bringing vehicles to park at the HQ to use turrets for defense, is not allowed either.
  • The only transports allowed are bicycles. (Funny setups might earn your team bonus points.)
    Vehicles are removed from the game due to the fact that they are a huge reason for so many heated discussions,
    problems with following the rules or even understanding them, noticing hits or acknowledging weapons of use.
    Get ya walking boots on.


  • Only IR will be allowed.
    Too many problems and risks are involved in the use of the red, green, blue, magenta, etc that players have brought to
    games over the past years. Some of them doubling out the maximum legal limit when tested. Leave those at home.


  • Not allowed.
    Only ordinary nightvision-goggles/optics are allowed.
  • This is not a subject for debate. This is how our game is set. If you cant play the game without using thermals or such,
    there are other games or hobbies to attend to instead.


  • No pyro based grenades are allowed. Includes the cold burning models. Mechanical or pressureloaded are ok.
  • Allowed range of decibel are at max of 80 Db.
  • When throwing a grenade, you must be able to see where it is going to land.
  • When throwing a grenade, you must call out "Grenade!" at least one second before you throw it.
  • The grenade MUST shoot out BB's, otherwise it is just a distraction grenade.
  • The killing area of a grenade is 5m from point of impact/explosion. Everyone within 5m are hit and needs medic/mechanic.
  • If a player who are outside the 5m radius, is hit by a BB from the grenade, that is also a hit.
  • Throwing grenades back is unsafe, but not forbidden. Be safe!
  • Remember to find all pieces and left overs from grenades, pick it all up and take care of our enviroment.


  • Drones are only allowed to perform recon.
  • No weapon platforms or dropping bombs/grenades etc.
  • No adventure racing flying on low altitudes so that you risk hitting players or other in the head, and so on.

Rules for BOTS only:

  • At your HQ, the commanders will ask for volontueers to carry the role as a mechanic. A mechanic is the same as a medic, but BOT-verse.
    The mechanics will be given a big bolt.
    All BOT-players, including the mechanics, will be given two nuts each.
  • When hit, you are to call out your hit, show deadrag and wait maximum 5 minutes for a mechanic. If you get no repairs within those 5 minutes, you have crashed and need to go spawn.
  • When the mechanic arrives, it will take one of your nuts and place on the bolt, all the way to the bottom. When done, you are repaired (healed) and can go back into the game. If hit a second time, your second nut will be used by the mechanic.
  • If hit and you have no nuts left, you have to go to your HQ to see if any of the mechanics has been there to unload their nuts, so that you can grab two new nuts and go back into game after spawning.
  • Mechanics whos bolts are full, have to go to the HQ to unload the nuts.
    These are the ones that fellow players can pick up later when they run out of nuts.
  • BOT-players are allowed to give nuts to eachother to help out.
  • Human players can NOT steal nuts or bolts from the BOT-players.
  • The mechanic must complete the repair (placing nut on bolt) before doing anything else. If the mechanic stops the repairs to shoot or other, it has failed and the BOT player has to go to spawn. The nut is also lost.
  • A mechanic that is shot while doing repairs can be fixed by another mechanic.
  • A mechanic can NOT repair itself.
  • Moving a damaged BOT can only be done by dragging or carrying.
    The player who needs repairs are NOT allowed to walk or in any
    other way help with moving to safer place for repairs.

Rules for Humans only:

  • Any human player can heal another human player.
  • A bandaid is required to be healed.
  • When hit, call out your hit, show your deadrag and wait for maximum 5 minutes for someone to come and heal you. If no ones starts treating you within those 5 minutes, you are dead. Go to spawn.
  • If someone comes and places both hands on you without beeing interrupted for 1 minute, you are healed.
  • The one that heals you then applies a bandage on you.
  • After 1 minute and the bandaid, you are back into the game.
  • If you are hit a second time, you are to go to spawn.
  • If you wear the bandaid for 60 minutes without getting shot again, you can remove the bandaid and be able to take a "new" first hit again.
  • If the player who heals you removes one or both hands during the 1 minute healing, you die. Go to spawn.
  • A player can only heal one person at the time. No mass healings.
  • You can not heal yourself.
  • Moving an injured player you needs healing can only be done by dragging or carrying.
    The player is not allowed to walk or in any other way help with moving to safe place for healing.


(names in red - payment pending.)

Crazy Village (Alfa 1) - Fuck Shit Up!
Kristian Rönne (Alfa 1) - Fuck Shit Up!
Mad Max (Alfa 3) - Fuck Shit Up!
Benjamin Bengtsson - Tactical Airheads
Margareta Bredin - Tactical Airheads
Esbjörn Bredin - Tactical Airheads
Benny Eriksson - Tactical Airheads
Lennie Wästerberg - Tactical Airheads
Jimmy Karlsson - Tactical Airheads
Johan Bergqvist - Tactical Airheads
Andreas Svensson - Tactical Airheads
Linus Svensson - Tactical Airheads
Marijo Bagaric - Tactical Airheads
Hannah Sjöholm - Tactical Airheads
Nicklas Svensson - Tactical Airheads
Dan Muntzing - Tactical Airheads
Christoffer Ehrencrona - Tactical Airheads
Oscar Nyrud - Tactical Airheads
Peter Blacquiere - Sierra Echo
Jonas Bengtsson - Rednecks PMC
Lukas Gabrielsson - Rednecks PMC
Jacob Gustavsson - Växjö Airsoftförening
Kristoffer Lindkvist - Växjö Airsoftförening
Daniel - Växjö Airsoftförening
Henrik - Växjö Airsoftförening
Olah - Växjö Airsoftförening
Stefan - Växjö Airsoftförening
Stefan Encore - Växjö Airsoftförening
Henrik Lundberg - Råttjägarna
Mikael Klöver - Råttjägarna
William Bourne - Råttjägarna
Sebastian Degrell - Råttjägarna
Patric Ehrnholm - Råttjägarna
Andreas Härsjö - Råttjägarna
Joel Christiansson - Råttjägarna
Filip Berg - Rangers PMC

Mikael Molnar - Tactical Airheads

Fänrik - Växjö Airsoftförening

Sebastian Olsson - Växjö Airsoftförening

Wolf - Gripen Airsoft Skåne

Junior - Gripen Airsoft Skåne

Ohman - Gripen Airsoft Skåne

Beast - Gripen Airsoft Skåne

Nik Cim - LOCOS
Christian Sjöberg - LOCOS

Emmoth - LOCOS

Johannes - LOCOS

DefinietlyNotHolm - Sierra Echo

Sixx - Sierra Echo

Wedner - Sierra Echo

Larsson - Sierra Echo

Willy - PAPA

Tor - PAPA

Dmitri - PAPA

Norrman - Sierra Echo

Oscar Nordensson - KF
Adam Bergström - KF
Gabriel Mårtensson - KF

Arevi Bro 1 - BAM

Arevi Bro 2 - BAM

Da Vinci - Black Devils

Robert Hansson - Black Devils

Jessica Engström - Black Devils

Eken - Warlords
Peter Gunnarsson - Warlords

Johan Gunnarsson - Warlords

Tony - Warlords
Flink - Warlords

Fille - Warlords


(names in red - payment pending.)

Liam Ash-Collins - DROE
Martin Holding - DROE
Martin Pedersen - DROE
Frederik Frøling - DROE
Kaj Frøling - DROE
Jesper Andersen - DROE
Jeppe Timmermann - DROE
Christian Lund - DROE
Zurab Tutisani - DROE
Simon Larsen - DROE
Emil Aldershvile - DROE
Mads Andersen - DROE
Tobias Amris - DROE
Adrien Dumortier - DROE
Torben Amris - DROE
Mads Hjortkaer Larsen - TFT
Tobias Callenryd - Black Wolves
Rasmus Randewall - Black Wolves
Patrik Schalin - Black Wolves
David Etuaro - Black Wolves
Christian Larsson - Black Wolves
Hampus Jarnesjö - Black Wolves
Joakim Bengtsson - Black Wolves
Lars Sjöberg - Black Wolves
Zebastian Lampinen - Black Wolves
Stefan Mentowski - RavenFall
Stefan Mentowski #2 - RavenFall
Daniel Schou-Lund - Team SOB
Daniel Pihl - Team SOB
Matthias Fassel  - Team SOB
Henrik Schnegell - Team COE
Rami Thomsen - Team COE
Allan Sörensen - Team COE

Mattias Svahn Jensen - SRG

Christoffer Ekdahl - SRG

Birk - TPK

Hvalborg - TPK



Killet - STL

Thinker - STL

Fluffy - STL

Jonathan - STL

Ygis - STL

Anton - STL

Panu - STL

Tim - STL

Jonas - STL

Micke - STL

Hampus - STL

Oskar Engström - STL

Johan Runemyr - STL

Kraza - STL

WP-001 - Wolfpack Special Recon Team

WP-003 - Wolfpack Special Recon Team

Niklas Pap - Black Wolves

Stefan Fried - Black Wolves

Fredrik Jonsson - Black Wolves

Adsböl - RavenFall

Ronin - No Team

Henrik Schnegell - Team COE

Simon Russin - Ravenfall

DeadRingerSniper - Solo

Mission: Control Points
Info: In several places (4) of the game area there are control points that can be held for earning points and getting bonus functions.
To gain control of the location, you just push the button with the same colour as your team (red or blue).

Bonus functions:

Radar station - Every 4 hours earned will give your team the possibility of scanning an area of the map to gain intel of value.

SAM site - If controlled by humans, the BOTs can not deploy terrorbots into the deep of the terrain with airdrops.

If controlled by the BOTs, the humans cant gain bonus function from the heli-pad.

Heli-pad - If controlled by humans, they will have deliveries of great value coming in. (Unless the BOTs are controlling the SAM-site.)
If controlled by the BOTs, the Command can send out extra repair kits (nuts) to the mechanics.

Gold mine - No bonus functions for this site. Only retrieve the gold bars produced, and deliver to your HQ.

Points: 10 points are earned for every hour you control the location. All time will be added up and accounted for.

Bonus points:
50 points for beeing in the control of the location at game over.

Mission: Locate the enemy HQ.

Info: Locate the enemy HQ and mark it out on the map in your own HQ.

Points: 20 points are earned for the correct location. Less points for lesser accuracy on the map.

Mission: Locate crates.

Info: The area has seen battle before, and remnants are scattered around.

Search and locate those crates, bring them to your HQ. Locations can be found out during the game by solving puzzles.

Points: 15 points for beeing the first to return the crate to your HQ. 5 points for having the crate at game over.

Other crates: Crates delivered to the heli-pad in case of the humans beeing in control of it, will have the same scoring system.

Mission: Locate large nuclear charging cells.

Info: A BOTs air transport has been compromised and downed in the area. Its cargo fell out during the violent descent.

These nuclear cells are rather large and powerful, considered extremely important.

Search and locate those nuclear cells, bring them to your HQ.

Points: 150 points for beeing the first to bring the nuclear cell to your own HQ. 50 points for having it at your HQ at game over.

Bonus functions: BOTs can not charge up and start sending TerrorBots into battle until one ore more nuclear cells has been recovered.

Humans - none.

Mission: Raid the enemy HQ.

Info: If able to raid and get into the enemy HQ, you can steal items from their stash.
To complete the raid to get points, you must get to their flag and take it down. Then leave it on the ground in their HQ/give to their dead commander.

Stealing items from the stash: There is a box with two dices, roll these once. Check the list for your results. Grab the items according the list and GTFO.

As long as the flag is down, you can not attempt a new raid. The flag will be down for 3 hours until the commanders/enemies puts it back up again.

From that you entered the enemy HQ, you got 10 minutes to get in, take down the flag and option for also rolling the dice.

You can not steal anything else. You are not allowed to enter the Commanders tent. There is nothing of value there.
You are however allowed to take pictures of maps and other things in the HQ and the commanders tent.

The commanders will act as game refs if needed on the location to make sure all rules are followed.

Points: 275 points for completing a raid (getting in and taking down the flag). Rolling the dice is not required for completing the raid.

Bonus points: 200 points if the HQ is up and running at game over, with the flag up.

Mission: Recon

Info: Mapping out the area is of great importance to make sure all information given is correct. To gain this high level of certainty, you are to locate all the 
road signs in the area and report back to HQ so that it can be marked on the map.
Road signs are most likely to be found in the crossings.
You are not allowed to touch, turn, move, relocate, cover, hide or in any other way compromise the roadsigns.

Only to copy the names onto paper, read over radio or taking a picture to send.

Points: 20 points for each road correctly named on the map.

Bonus points: +450 points for a complete and correct mapping of all the names of the roads.

More missions to be announced later.

Info text to come.