Your real name, that you can identify with by showing id card, passport or drivers license.

A valid emailaddress for contact and replies. You are responsible that ALL people that you sign up will be given the information and rules of the game.

The name of your airsoft team.

Vehicle for in game use

After signing up, also send picture(s) to so that

crew can approve the vehicle or not.

Game & faction

Choose the game you wish to sign up for, and also the faction you want
to play as.

Message / Add more players
Here you can leave a message or ask a question, or/and add more players from your team. Remember, real names that they can identify themselves as.

We do not refund any tickets unless the game is totally cancelled. If you have a spare ticket, you are to sell it on your own, and then notify us by email of who have bought it from you.
Payment is to be done within 10 banking days.
The email that  we reply with will contain the payment information.
Do not book more tickets than you want are going to pay for.

By clicking on "BUY TICKETS!" you confirm that you have read and agreed to the rules of the game. You also agree to the procedures of the booking, paying and handling tickets.