Mercs 20!!

Finally we have reached or second point in the Cannibal Hippies airsoft history!

We welcome you to our Mercs jubilee game and expect to have as much fun and energy as all you pumped up asskicking warriors!
What are you waiting for!? Read ALL info, then the rules... and THEN you sign up.

General information

  • Type of game: Biggame, Fungame, Hyggespil, Shitloads of Action or sneaking.
  • Gametime: 72 hours. (No pauses.)
  • Gamefee: 950 SEK. (Earlybird-price: 800 SEK)
  • Vehicles:
    Yes, will be allowed. Must be approved by the crew.
    Number of vehicles will be restricted.
  • Nightgame: Yes. (See rules for nightgame.)
  • Commanders: Yes, dedicated commanders with staff will be in your HQ.
  • Larp/roleplay:
    May occure in certain missions.
    There are no demands from you to participate more than you feel comfortable with.
  • Spawnfunction: Back out 500m from where you died. (See rules.)
  • Game setup: Earning points. Most points at the end of the game wins.
  • Team setup & fractions:
    You choose faction in your sign up.
    The patches will indicate what faction you are on. (See rules for wearing patches,
    (this also means that the same type of uniforms or patterns can be found in all factions.)
  • Game location: To be announced later.

Mercs 20 - The Plan!

Wednesday, day+month.

16.00 - 24.00      Check in. U GET COOKIEZ!

00.00 - 07.00      Let the Crew sleep plz.

Thursday, day+month.

07.00 - 09.00      Check in. U GET COOKIEZ!

09.00 - 10.00      Mandatory massmeeting.
10.30 - 11.45      Meeting your commanders at your HQ. Briefing & missions.
11.45 - 11.59      The final wait, hopup-test, tightening the gear and checking magz.

12.00                   G A M E    O N ! !  :D

Friday, day+month.

00.00 - 24.00      Game continues!

Saturday, day+month.

00.00 - 24.00      Game continues!

Sunday, day+month.

00.00 - 12.00       Game continues, until Game Over at 12.00.
                              BBQ afterwards! Get there as soon as the game is over.

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Map of Mercs 20

To be announced later.

Game rules of Mercs 20

To be announced, undergoing work and improvements.

Game scenario and story

We are back on our first earth, where humans and bots are fighting for control of resources, territories and of course, survival.

But there is something happening, a disturbance of unknown origin.
Sightings has been made, impossible to identify or predict.
Something is about to change the on going war, but you do not know how.


  • All players must be named.
  • All players must be 18 years of age at the day of the Game On.
  • Only book the tickets you are to pay for. If you overbook, you are to sell the extras on your own.
  • We do not refund tickets unless the game is totally cancelled.
    Players who have tickets but cant come to the game, you are to sell the ticket on your own, & then inform the crew by email, who the new ticket holder is.
  • Payment is to be done within 14 banking days from signing up.
  • When checking in, you are to identify yourself with ID of sort, to secure age and beeing the ticket holder.
  • By booking and paying for your tickets, you agree to follow the rules of the game, the instructions from the crew and the swedish law.
  • You participate in this game to have fun, manage your security and play honest at all times, enoying the common sense of sportsmanship in our great hobby.
  • The sign up form is to be filled out completely, otherwise it will be deleted.
    We reply within 48 hours at our worst, but most often very fast.