Mercs 19

Cannibal Hippies is back with another Mercs-game!

Adapting to whatever restrictions may be, we are going to host another freakin' awesome Mercsgame, filled with fun and action.

We offer a good organisation, really minding the safety, lots of well planned missions and really warm welcome to you all!

General information

  • Gametime: 48 hours, (no pauses).
  • Gamefee: 650 SEK.
  • Vehicles: Yes, they will be allowed. But must be approved by crew. Read the rules section.
  • Nightgame: Yes, read the rules section for more information.
    Commanders: Yes.
  • Larp/roleplay: May occure in certain missions. There are no demands from your side to participate more than you feel comfortable with.
    Spawnfunction: Dynamic in the gamearea.
  • Game setup: Earning points. Most points at the end of the game wins.
  • Team setup: No armbands, just patches you get from us, and good communication. No requirements on uniforms, clothing or camo-pattern.
    (Yes, this means that there is a possibility that there could be players in multicam in all factions, for example.)


Friday, 27th of august.

08.00 - 11.00      Check in. U GET COOKIEZ!

11.00 - 11.55      Meeting at your HQ with the commander.

12.00                   Game On!

Saturday, 28th of august.

00.00 - 24.00      Game goes on all day and night!

Sunday, 29th of august.

00.00 - 12.00       Game goes on. Game Over at 12.00.  BBQ afterwards!

Map of Mercs 19

For those who knows the area, we have scaled it down a bit. But still there are a lot of areas to do battle in. :)
< Download map here! >

Game rules of Mercs 19

Somewhat lots of text, but it is needed. Make sure you and your teammates reads this document. Not knowing the rules is unacceptable.
< Download game rules here! >

Game scenario and story

In a future world of war and cities in ruins, whats left of humanity now fights for clean water, food and natural resources.

In this region, two factions are about to clash with eachother to gain control over all the riches that can be found and used for a better chance of survival.

The ones who will come out on the other side of this war, as a winner.. only time will tell.


We're using TimeCenter to book tickets.
Get Your Tickets Here!
The link will bring you to a site called TimeCenter.
There you scroll down until you see the "Mercs 19" tickets.
Then choose one of the factions; RiddSordz or BlauLajtin.

Fill out the fields, choose number of tickets and then book it!
We will reply with an email ASAP.

If you wanna ask something, or register an ingame vehicle,

email us at:

About TimeCenter: We use it to be able to control the number of players on each faction. Please do not worry about the timestamps that says the game lasts for one hour at the time. :)