black ops 8

BLACK OPS 8  ~  [Need Some1]


November, 15th - 17th, 2019.


November, 15th. (Friday)

17.00. Arrival at the gamearea and your designated starting position. No sooner due to prepping of the area.

19.50. Send a textmessage to crew, reporting in as ready for game.
20.00. Game on. Safetyglasses and masks ON!

November, 16th. (Saturday)

24/7. Game goes on all hours.

November, 17th. (Sunday)

14.00. Game Over.
15.00. Postgame meeting at Safezone. Eating, talking, picturetime. Food is served at 15.00, so be on time, or food gets cold.
16.00. Postgame meeting ends. Go get packed, if not allready done, and have a safe travel home.


Rödjenäs, Småland.


Teams/squads in a FFA milsim experience, where you choose level of difficulty and then try to solve the missions that you are given.
The team can have a maximum number of 10 members.
There are no restrictions on weaponry, everyone can bring a sniper, support or MGL, etc.


There will not be any CQB-requirements during dark hours.
You handle safety during daylight, then you do that in the dark also.


Each team must have a squadleader, who will be available on mobile phone to recieve updates on missions, information,

or other misc stuff.


Each team chooses a medic.

That person needs to brind bandaids and a timer of some kind.
The medic is the only one who can heal teammates or others.


Open forums for general discussion will be available.

Vehicles: Yes.

Limited amount of vehicles.
A vehicle MUST be approved by the crew.
This is done by sending an email to us, ( with an actual picture of the car in it.

Lazy-ass solutions with a volvo with camoweb on the roof will not be approved.

If we think your car is good to go, then we will say so. If not, deal with it.

Number of tickets:

No information. Enemy unknown.


450 SEK /player.
(To be paid in advance.)


Cannibal Crew

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