General information

  • Type of game: MilSim
  • Gametime: 48 hours. (All hours are in game.)
  • Gamefee: 450 SEK.
  • Vehicles: No vehicles allowed in game. (For use as cover or logistics in camps only.)
  • Nightgame: Yes. (See rules for nightgame.)
  • Larp/roleplay:
    May occure in certain missions.
    There are no demands from you to participate more than you feel comfortable with.
  • Spawnfunction: Back out 500m from where you died. (See rules.)
  • Game setup: Complete as many missions as possible during the 48 hours.
  • Team setup & fractions:
    No more than 12 players in your team. No alliances with other teams unless mission info says otherwise. No backstabbing.
  • Game location: Rödjenäs.
    See location on google maps here.]
  • GAME MAP [Download and print!]

Black Ops Time table


11.00                   Be at your starting location, ready to recieve mission info.

12.00                   Game On.


Game will be on going at all hours.


12.00                    Game Over!
                              Post game meet up at Källarvinden / The mansion for food, drinks & talks.

Some made up math and stuff:

3 games total to attend, 450 SEK a head per game. Total gamefee would be 1350 SEK.

Sign up for 1 game = 450 SEK. (450 /game.)
Sign up for 2 games = 850 SEK. (425 /game.)
Sign up for 3 games = 1185 SEK. (395 /game.)

You can choose any games you want, as long as it is stated in the sign up.
You can change your tickets from one game to another, but only once.
And it has to be done at least 1 month ahead of the game.

Book now, play the rest of the year.


    Send an email to which contains the name of your team,

    the number of players you wish to sign up and what level of difficulty you believe yourselves to operate at.

    Also, add notes as if you want to have BBQ afterwards or not, if you do not participate during the night and dont want missions at those hours, or that you want a special location or need for space to make camp.

    You are also to add which one or ones of the Black Ops games you want to

    sign up for.

    If you sign up for more than one game there are discounts to earn.

    There are no refunds what so ever, unless the game is cancelled.

    You are to sell your tickets on your own to other interested players.

    Your sign up will be handled manually and you and your team are to have a reply

    within 24h.
    About 2 weeks before the game, the missions will be emailed to the one who signed your team up.

    Level of difficulties to chose from are as follows;

    Easy peacy = Camping and chairsofting. Defending a location and doing some small patrols in the nearby area.

    Normal = Move about in the game area, solve problems and complete missions

    within timeframes.

    Hard = Some stressful moments of completing all missions, sleeping could be problematic and energy might get low.

    Yog-tard = Sleeping and eating might be problematic, completing missions will be stressful and demanding, you are required to be rather fit and trained for this kind of level of milsim-airsoft.

    Black Ops 09:  5-7 august.              [100% teams booked.]
    Only adding players to existing teams can be done.

    Black Ops 10:  25-27 november.   [42% tickets booked.]

    Black Ops MilSim in CO-OP with MILQUEST

    Next year in 2023, we will be asking players who wishes to have harder missions, more props, more detailed briefings, and so on; To show patch of merit.
    These patches can be earned from MilQuest, a really good and awesome initiative from an airsoftplayer who have been around for years.

    For us as game hosts, this will enable us to know better if the level of difficulty you have chosen actually fits. The thought at work is that if you wish to play at easy or medium level, that will be all good and okay by us.
    But if you wish to enter the harder levels, to gain more missions and access other perks, then you need to be an active MilQuester.

    Beeing an active MilQuester will add discount to your gamefee.
    What you put in early, will earn for you later.

    MilQuest in short, is to get into better shape so that you can perform better at milsims.

    Check out their homepage at:

    Game rules

    • You are always in game, so wear your googles or mask.
    • Take your hits.
    • Read, understand and follow these rules.
    • No vechicles are in game for transportation. Only for protection or similiar at camp/base if parked there.
    • Allemansrätten is to be respected. Google it.
    • No limits to number of weapons, models, types or amount of BB's or clips you bring.
      You can reload whenever you need or want to, as long as you are in game and alive. If shot dead/spawning, NOT allowed.
      FPS-table used can be found in the Mercs-rules.
    • No grenades allowed.
    • The inside of tents are off game, do not open tents or toss items into them.
      If or when attacking / defending a campsite or base, do not troll the rules of beeing in or out of tents etc.
    • Do not walk on or at the sides of the railwaytrack. You are only allowed to cross the railway on the designated locations.
    • Do not litter or leave trash behind, anywhere. Goes for ANYTHING. Do not leave trashbags in safezone or at the barracks.
      What you brought with you, you are to take with you back home again. Or find a trashbin at a gasstation while going home.
    • Medic and healing: If shot, show deadrag, call out your hit. Bleedtime is 5 minutes. If no healing has occured, you are dead.
      If a medic arrives to you, it takes that player 2 minutes to get you back into action. During the healing, the medic cannot shoot any guns,

      both hands on the player who needs healing, and at the end of those 2 minutes, apply a real bandage.
      The ONLY way to move a wounded who needs healing is dragging or carrying. NO skipjump or holding hands and walking away like shroomheads.
    • All items and props that are used in the game will be shown in your missions with pictures and description. If you find something you are uncertain of,
      either pick it up and keep until lost or give to crew after the game. If known, and stolen, taken, picked up, stay on mission.
    • ROE will be applied. Do not go ninja and look for fights if you have a recon mission with stealth and non detection as prirority.
    • If there is any problems, call for crew on the phonenumber on your mission info.
    • You eat, drink, sleep, go toilet, reload and all that stuff in game. If you do not carry a deadrag, you ARE considered a target. Stop whining.
    • NPC's / larping in game civilians will be having a yellow armband, very visible and showing openly.
    • Stay on mission, dont stray off to do other things if bored, you failed your mission and have time to spare and so on.
    • If you have a serious injury, call for crew. If you for some reason need to leave the game, call and inform the crew.
    • These games are based on ROY. (Relay On Yourself). That means bring water, know yourself, bring the right gear and take good care of yourself and your teammates.
    • Do not scan or listen on other channels than the one you have chosen. If you by accident have the same channel as another team, just change to a new one.
    • Do not block roads.
    • No lasers allowed.
    • Nightvision is the only enhancer allowed, and that is during the dark hours/nightgame. All other gear of similiar function stays at home.
    • Spawn:If or when you are dead, back out 400-500m in some direction and start a countdown of 30 minutes, after that you have spawned.
      After you have spawned, that is the only time you can remove the bandaid from an eventual heal that have recieved.
    • If ALL teammembers die during an attempt to complete a mission, then that mission is failed. Wait for your next mission to start.
      If at least one member survives during an attempt to completet a mission, and gets away and can hide for an hour while the rest of the team walks away and spawns,
      you can all regroup and try again.
    • During the nightgame/dark hours, you are only allowed to have an fps that matches CQB-weapons.
    • All weapons are to shoot with the setting of semi fire.
    • Supportweapons are allowed to shoot full auto. Handle with common sense and good game play attitude.
    • Snipers and semi-snipers. Your next shot may not be fired until the first BB has struck target or gone dead in the terrain.
    • NO binary triggers that enables extra BB's fired with only one pull of the trigger.
    • If you poop in the forest, you ARE to dig a hole first, that can be well covered afterwards. No slide-mines or big white flowers in the open.