MERCS 16 ~ Toasters & Meatbagz


xx - xx xxxx, 2020.



You are allowed to arrive to the off game-bases areas and place your tent. Cars are to be moved to be parked where told to. The grassy areas are for tents mainly.


08.00 - 11.30. Checking in, getting your armbands, cookie/cake, having a pre-game meeting with a quicklist of the rules and questiontime.
This meeting is mandatory. If you do not attend, you will not be allowed into the game. Book this all in the calender and be on site, in time and prepared.
We will also give out Mercs-ID-cards that are to be carried during ALL times when you are at the Mercs-game.

11.30 - 12.00. Get yourself to your HQ and have a meeting with your commander. You are to be gameready when you arrive at the HQ.

12.00 - 13.00. HQ-meeting. The commander will first have a chat with the squadleaders, and after that talk to you all. Some sort of a speach perhaps. You'll see. :)

13.15 - GAME ON!

21.00 - HQ is off game and cant be raided until the next morning.


08.00 - HQ is in game and can be raided again.

21.00 - HQ is off game and cant be raided until the next morning.


08.00 - HQ is in game and can be raided again.

13.00 - GAME OVER! Start walking/driving/riding to the Safezone for food and finding out who won the game.

13.45 - 14.15. Post game meeting. Food, the game score is presented, lottery is done. Small talk. :)

Remaining time of the saturday: Pack your stuff, say your goodbyes, check the campsite for trash and garbage, drive safely home and enjoy the upcoming sunday with a well deserved rest and perhaps fixing your gear and stuff. :)

Where: To be announced.

Setup: Humans vs BOTs

A lot of action, missions and fun stuff during 3 days and 2 nights.


There will not be any CQB-requirements during dark hours.
You handle safety during daylight, then you do that in the dark too.

Medics / Mechas:

Both sides will have appointed medics or mechas.

The process of these functions will be presented later.

Taz' Cantina - The restaurant

He will be back on site and provide with food for those who buys the foodtickets.

Rules & requirements: links will be presented here later on.


Open forums for general discussion will be available.
All main information will be found here. It is your responsibility to make sure you read up and know what is going on.

Hidden forums for each faction will open up later on, about a month before game.

Tickets: 300

Gamefee: xxx (undecided at the moment)

Vehicles: Yes.

Limited amount of vehicles on each side.
They MUST be approved by the crew beforehand. This is done by sending an email to us, ( with an actual picture of the car in it.
Lazy-ass solutions with a volvo with camoweb on the roof will not be approved. If we think your car is good to go, then we will say so. If not, deal with it.