MERCS 16  ~  [Toasters & Meatbagz]


7th - 9th of August, 2020.

August 6th, Thursday

18.00. Check In Open! (No early arrivals please.)

24.00. Check In Closes.

August 7th, Friday

08.00. Check In Open!

11.00. Check In Closes.

11.15. PreGame meeting. Rules, information, questions.

13.00. Meeting with your commander at your own HQ in the game area.
14.00. Game On!

21.00. HQ's is off game.

August 8th, Saturday

08.00. HQ's is in game.

21.00. HQ's is off game.

August 9th, Sunday

08.00. HQ's is in game.

14.00. Game Over!

15.00. Postgame meeting. Final score, food, taking pictures & talking.
16.00. Postgame meeting ends. Go pack up and have a safe journey back home! <3

Where: Rödjenäs, Småland.

Setup: Humans vs BOTs

A lot of action, missions and fun stuff during 3 days and 2 nights.


There will not be any CQB-requirements during dark hours.
You handle safety during daylight, then you do that in the dark also.

Medics / Mechas:

Both sides will have appointed medics or mechas.

The process of these functions will be presented later.

Taz' Cantina - The restaurant

He will be back on site and provide with food for those who buys the foodtickets.


Open forums for general discussion will be available.
All main information will be found here.

It is your responsibility to make sure you read up and know what is going on.

Hidden forums for each faction will open up later on, about a month before game.

Vehicles: Yes.

Limited amount of vehicles on each side.
They MUST be approved by the crew beforehand.

This is done by sending an email to us, ( with an actual

picture of the car in it.
Lazy-ass solutions with a volvo with camoweb on the roof will not be approved.

If we think your car is good to go, then we will say so. If not, deal with it.

Number of tickets: 200

Gamefee: 450 SEK


//Cannibal Crew


The war between man and machines rages on, one would think that the human race would of been beaten by now and the machines would rule the planet.

But the groups of resistance grows stronger, drawing out people from all the hiding places, promising them freedom, food, weapons... life.

At this scene of war, the human resistance have unleashed a huge army to attack and take control of a large piece of land that holds huge quantities of fresh water.
Water that can provide a chance of agriculture and better life.

Also, on the other side of the lake, reinforcements awaits the message to start sending boats to the bridgehead that hopefully will be established.

On the other side, the BOT's first of all wants to keep the control of the region. Since that is written in their protocols.

Also, the mainframe Queenmaster bot herself, are using her sciencedivision to research certain alternatives for the use of the water.

She is also well aware of the reinforcements waiting to engage her soldiers. This, she does not like.

- - - - - - - -

Updates & answers:
Q: Is this a LARP where I have to roleplay and dress up as a robot?
A: No. You dont have to. You can come exactly as you are.

Q: Will there be armbands this year again?

A: Nope, we are going to use patches instead.

Q: Is this a mil.sim or a BigGame?
A: It is a BigGame. Everyone is welcome to have fun for 48 hours and get to know new friends in the hobby, experience super awesome action loaded missions and a really heartwarming and loving crew. :)